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Graphic Candles

In a world increasingly concerned by the interactions of humans on the planets resources it is unconscionable to offer for sale products or services by any company without a strategy to limit the environmental impact of those products or services.  For the most part, many in the candle industry attempt to be responsible stewards of nature.  Some do not.  Most candles sold in the world today are paraffin candles which are petroleum based and release pollutants. Some candle wax manufacturers are even hesitant to let people know the source of their products.  Some popular ‘natural’ waxes come from lands that are being de-forested or are chemically enhanced in their agriculture – mostly soy and palm waxes as well as some coconut waxes.  Many accessories we use in support of candle sales are advertised as ‘recyclable’ but not recycled.  Almost anything can be recyclable.

So that is the situation Graphic Candles faced as a start-up candle business.  My name is Alexander (Lex) George and I am a Florida registered architect.  Upon being ‘furloughed’ in the last recession I started a venture in graphic design, producing digital (computer based) portraits of the famous Art Deco buildings in Miami’s South Beach area.


I started Graphic Candles as a response to the many challenges I found in this arm of the ‘Arts and Craft’ field.  I felt there was a place for someone who wanted to get into the business and who was concerned about his environmental impact.  

My first concern was evaluating waxes; I was suspicious of many suppliers claims of purity – especially blended waxes, so decided I would find a pure coconut wax and a pure soy wax and do my own blending.   I then chose wood wicks which are sustainable and I use recycled boxes for my packaging.  I also use highly concentrated fragrances which are paraben and phthalate free.  Each candle is handcrafted in small batches to maximize the scent/wax concentration

I have also incorporated my interest in graphics into this venture by creating colorful labels and matching gift cards using sustainable paper and archival inks.

From hand blending, pouring, and finishing, our candles are created with passion and an unwavering commitment to quality, beauty, and giving back.

 I trust you will enjoy Graphic Candles USA made products and appreciate any feedback you may like to share.   


Key words: eco friendly, quality and craftsmanship, small-batch candles, mindfully and ethically sourced materials, handcrafts, quality, integrity and social consciousness